Midi send start up. How do I get perfect start up?

Hi, I have the older Intellijel 1u midi.
I like that I can start my whole eurorack system up with Cybase by pressing the space bar on my keyboard to record my ideas.
I never managed to get a perfect start up sync when I want to record into Cubase.
Kind of annoying if I want to add midi tracks later on like drums, then its not in sync with the original eurorack recording.
I gave up on getting this to work, but feel like giving it a new go.

Is the new midi module better at this?
Or is there anything else I should do.
Im running Cubase 10.5.
Its probably more related issue to Cubase than the module?

How about getting the expander for my Metropolix. Then I could perhaps send midi to Cubase and make a perfect start up in sync that way?

Thanks! I hope my question makes sense :slightly_smiling_face: