Midi 1u with MPC Live

Hey all! It’s been awhile. Still building up my second intellijel palette case. Sorry if this is a redundant question but I’m having a hard time researching it as I’m on the road using a wonky phone. I’m thinking about purchasing the midi 1u module to put in my 4u 104 pallet case and I would be using it primarily with my MPC live. Does the midi 1U module hook up to the USB input on the pallet case and then I would use midi over USB from the MPC live to send midi information to it? I just want to verify that this is how it would work and that I wouldn’t have to purchase a separate MIDI in and out module before I make this purchase online. I need it for some upcoming gigs to send midi sequences from the MPC to my modular system. I haven’t used USB for Midi yet. I’ve always just used actual Midi connectors with all my gear so this will be a first for me. Thank you!

I’ve got an MPC Live 2 at home, haven’t tried it with the MIDI 1U yet since I’ve been using the built-in CV outputs, but it should work the same as connecting it to any other computer. The MIDI 1U is a class-compliant MIDI device, which the MPC supports, so there should be no issues. I’ll try it out this weekend and see how it goes.


Thank you! This will be good to know. Just to clarify, the MIDI 1u hooks up to the USB port on the palette case?

That is correct

Tested with MPC Live 2 and it works

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