MIDI 1u Trigger Level

Any chance we can set the voltage higher in future firmwares? Perhaps from the configure app?



Sorry but it’s not possible, it’s a fixed level in the hardware design. Is there something particular you’re having issues triggering?

It’s not triggering the upper range of the bend envelope on a bugbrand DRM2. So I’m not getting the ful ZAP. I can just keep triggering it with my elektron Rytm which is what I use to sequence everything with anyway but if I didn’t have the Rytm with trigger output I would t be able to harness the full power of the DRM2s bend envelope for maximum ZAP

Ah I see, that unit seems to use variable-voltage triggers to produce different amplitude dynamics, up to 10V. The MIDI 1U trig outs are 5V max. Have you tried to use the external signal input and the drive control to boost the triggers?

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The trigger input is banana type but you’re right! It can be triggered using 1/4" external input which is how I triggered using the Rytm in the first place. I’m gonna try a 1/8" from midi 1u to 1/4" cable into the external signal input with drive… that just might work! Haha. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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