MIDI 1u: Possible to save/ load preset assignments from the panel in the future?

Would be nice to have the option to store presets and be able to switch between them from the panel itself (poly, drum mode, etc.) Is the hardware capable of this? If not, are there any plans to port the config app to a web based platform?

This, of course, would be nice for those of us who’s systems aren’t always tethered to a computer. If the config app were web or app-based, we could at least update from our iphones, or ipads, since it’s written in Juce and could be ported. Would anyone else find this useful? Even just 4 memory slots from the hsrdware would be sufficient for me.

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Paging @slowwild :slight_smile:

Aside from the obvious UI limitations (which could be overcome), I don’t remember off hand if there is enough room on the module’s flash to store multiple presets.

I will add it to the wishlist, but this one might be a long shot.

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Much appreciated. Even just 4 presets would be more than sufficient