Midi 1U <-> Moog Sub 37

Greetings Everyone! My apologies if this has already been discussed but wasn’t able to find anything. I just purchased a Midi 1U module for my Intellijel 7U case (love it!). I have a Moog Sub 37 and tried connecting it to my 7U case via a midi din cable. I’d like to use the Sub 37’s keyboard and arpeggiator/sequencer to control my Eurorack system. For some reason I’m unable to get anything happening on the Midi 1U. I double-checked both units are communicating on the same channel. Also hit the learn button on the Midi 1U but still not seeing any lights on it activating to show it’s receiving data from the Sub 37. Maybe I’m missing something? Thanks in advance!

Please e-mail support@intellijel.com

Will do thanks!