Midi 1u Firmware Update Procedure

Hi all !
I am new to Eurorack and I have a (maybe Dumb?) Question.

Do I need a Midi Interface in between my 7u Case and my MacBook in Order to Update my Midi 1u Module or is it just the Usb Connection I need ?
I have tried to Update two times with just an Usb Connection with no success.

Thank you all for any help in advance !

Just the USB connection. Make sure your module has entered Bootloader mode, review the instructions in the updater for a reference on how to do this.

If you are on Windows, there is a few extra steps to get the OS to see the module in boot load mode, also referenced in the updater app.

Try another USB cable, and contact support@intellijel.com if you still have issues.

Thank you very much,
I will try that later.