MIDI 1U - dual mode not working?

I am having trouble getting the dual mode working for the MIDI 1U, which I have mounted in my Palette 62…
In dual mode midi learn seems to have no effect when trying to assign a channel to ‘synth 1’, and assigning a channel to ‘synth 2’ seems to have the effect that both ‘synth 1’ and ‘synth 2’ sends out the exact same signals… The manual states “independent MIDI control of the pitch, gate and velocity for two different MIDI channels” -so I am a bit confused about this behavior.

I bought the 1U midi a week ago, but I am not sure about which firmware version is running yet, as I am a linux user so I first have to go through the long process of downloading a windows iso image and installing windows in virtual machine. (will do it tomorrow)… Perhaps updating the firmware and using the configuration app will also solve the problem?

It would be really nice with a browser based configuration app, just like for example retrokits r-006 or Novation Circuit Rhythm…

Don’t have the answer to your question but you can experiment with this post on using dfu-util and retrieving the .bin

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When you are learning channels, ensure that you are isolating the messages to the preferred channel.

Contact Support (often easiest to diagnose with a video) if you have further issues. Dual mode was always there from the original release so you shouldn’t need to update to access it.

Thank you, I partially managed to solve the problem :slight_smile:
I installed Windows 10 in a virtualbox, and I managed to update the driver.
After updating the driver, I was able to MIDI learn for both ‘synth 1’ and ‘synth 2’ as stated in the manual.

My issue now, is that the pitch CV range seems to go from -5 to 5 volts, and I would very much like it to only go in the positive range… I guess that its possible to configure through the configuration app.

However, the problem is that the configuration app will not detect the device at all…
The device shows up just fine under 'Windows Device Manager" as “MIDI 1U” (and “STM32 BOOTLOADER” if I hold the learn button while turning on my rack…), the configuration app just refuses to detect the device for some reason (I tried both with the device connected as “MIDI 1U” and the device connected as “STM32 BOOTLOADER” and I also tried multiple USB ports)

Got the config app working now. I installed Windows 7 in a Virtualbox and then the visual studio c++ libs and then it just worked!.. :slight_smile:

Then, in the config app, I configured both of the two synths to have a coarse tuning with +15 semitones and I set the minimum pitch to A0 for both of them…
Now, with my Circuit Rhythm, I can play from A0 (0V) to C5 (4.2V) and from A0 (0V) to A5(5V) with my big MIDI keyboard, which is good enough for me for now…

Not sure if there is a better way to configure it, or if this is the way to go…?
I am quite new to eurorack, but I always thought that eurorack pitch range would be 0-10V…