MIDI 1U / CVx unison mode - feature request

Hi Love Robots :slight_smile:
While I’ve definitely become a fan of your range of 1U modules, one thing that I’m missing in my recently purchased MIDI 1U / CVx combo is a “unison” voice allocation mode - meaning e.g. when you press a single key all voices play the same pitch, then add another key (two-note chord) - the voices split in half, then lift one of the keys - the voices revert to the one being held, and so on. This (along with a paraphonic gate mode which is easy to go-around) would be super useful for those polyphonic modules that do not have per-voice outputs (such as Chainsaw and Odessa) Do you think it would be feasible to include such a feature in a firmware update?


Definitely feasible, just need to figure out the algorithm for that kind of voice splitting… I will think about it

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Great - I’m looking forward to it! Let me know if you need a beta-tester :). Cheers

If you have an addressable switch in your system, you could do this by either mixing the CV of the gate or using an AND gate :wink:

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Hi Scuttlefish,
No, I don’t currently have an addressable switch. How precisely would that work?

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve implemented this in VCV Rack for you! You will need one (free) plugin to run this patch: an addressable switch from Bogaudio. The rest of the modules are stock VCV Rack modules.

I’ve written some notes in the patch. Post back if you have any questions!

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Woof. De-tuninig the voices by an octave, you can make a pretty convincing bagpipe. This is why we have filters.

Thank you! Now I get your idea. :slight_smile:

Definitely feasible for more voices but you would need a bunch of these addressable switches (at least N-1 to control N voices, and more to ensure uniform distribution of notes between voices).

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2hp makes an addressable switch that would work here for $120. One for each 3x additional voices and you only have to use 6hp :wink:

I get it tho… it’s a lot of module for one purpose. Some Midi/CV sequencers (e.g. Squarp pyramid) has such polyphony splitting algorithms built in.

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Yeah - there’s also FH-2 (8HP, 270 eur which makes it cheaper than your 3x 2hp Switches :wink: ). I’m actually waiting to receive an Erica Pico SEQS - which is 3HP but at the same time (significantly) more flexible. I’ll definitely test it for 2-voices in my system.

I do hope, nevertheless, that Kamil and his team will provide us with this voice allocation scheme for the MIDI 1U which I do already own (and like it a lot) :wink:

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Hi again, Kamil! Any outlook regarding the unison firmware update?

It’s still on the wishlist, we have some other projects right now that are keeping me busy

Thanks, Kamil and sorry for my impatience :wink:

@kamil Sorry to bother again
Do you update this feature in the near future ? I need it very much :kissing_heart: