MIDI 1U CVX expander not working


My MIDI 1U seems to work just fine, but the CVX expander will not respond to any midi signals or transmit any voltages. (This is my first time trying the unit.)

I’ve updated my MIDI 1U to the latest firmware and configured it with the app. The CVX powers up with my case and shows up in the config app, but the CVX jacks don’t respond to MIDI information.

I’ve tried using different midi devices (drum pad and keyboard), using different configurations in the app, checking to make sure the CVX is connected properly to the MIDI 1U (it is), plugging it into different power connectors, and toggling the DIP switches on the back to see if I can get it to work. So far, no luck.

The midi devices I’m using are a Roland SPD-SX PRO and a MicroKORG. They both work fine with the MIDI 1U module, just not the CVX expander.