MIDI 1U & CVx 1U Latency

Hello there! I have been putting together a setup consisting of a MIDI 1U and 4 daisy-chained CVx 1U modules in order to convert a custom-made MIDI instrument to CV so as to control my main rack (housed in a 7U 104hp case). I am running almost every CVx (31 of the 32 available) output (as well as pitch, MOD and CC out of the MIDI 1U). I am using Max/MSP to send my MIDI data into the 1U modules, which works great!

However, I’m running into some pretty massive latency when trying to send more than 3 or 4 MIDI data streams at once…it seems to be bottlenecking at the MIDI 1U/CVx modules, not in Max/MSP from what I can tell (I am monitoring all of my data streams in Max and they don’t seem to be latent at all). I was just wondering if there was anything I could potentially do to dial back that latency at all, or if this was a known issue that I could possibly fix altogether? I’m wondering if it could potentially be a problem with my custom-made MIDI instrument as well, which is running off of an Arduino Mega, so possibly that isn’t quite fast enough to keep up, but the fact that the data hits Max/MSP and leaves without any noticeable latency made me not sure that that was indeed the problem. Anyway, I apologize for the lengthy message, but any help or advice you could offer would be most appreciated!! I feel like I’m so close to getting this all working the way I’m envisioning, but this latency is really holding back what I can do in a performative setting unfortunately. Thank you so much in advance, I very very much appreciate any help or advice!!

Nathan M. Asman


I also had some latency problems some days ago but in the end was my patch. Can you show your patch or is it very straightforward? I’m using one ctlout object for every output and that seems to work but I have only one CVx. Hope that helps :slight_smile: