MIDI 1u click issue with the Pedal I/O


I have Midi and Pedal 1u units in my Palette 62 case – however, I noticed that each incoming midi message was passing through the Pedal I/O audibly, resulting in hh-like clicks. Has anyone come across this before? The connections seem to be fine, but I don’t know how that would be related to grounding or related issues.

Probably best to send an e-mail to support@intellijel.com. If you’re able to shoot a short video demonstrating the issue that’s usually helpful, or if you can provide more details on your patch.

Could the click be the result of an abrupt envelope or gate signal in your audio path?

Make sure your cv, gate, and 5v rails are clean. 5v noise can mess up some modules, and if your midi1u is for some reason sending cv and/or gate, that could make some weird effects if that gets into your audio signal path.