µMIDI 1U - Can't seem to get clock mode always working


I’ve got a Intellijel 7u case, and a µMIDI 1U module that I have hooked up via a Midi DIN cable. The issue I’m having is, I can’t seem to get the Clock “Always” functionality to work… Perhaps I am just misunderstanding how it is supposed to work.

Another question I have is, does anyone know if the Midi out port does anything? I use the Midi Thru, and was wondering if the Midi out has any functionality yet.


Whether you need the “Always On” functionality is determined by the MIDI device that you are using, and the modules receiving sync.

If you want the µMIDI to continue receiving and sending clock while the sequencer is stopped, you would select “Always On”. Otherwise with “Only While Running” it will stop sending clock when you stop your sequencer.

At this point, no, the MIDI out does not have an associated module… yet.