MIDI 1U, Cascadia, Config.app 1.4.3 and Tete Updates

Cascadia and MIDI 1U

  • Extended the assignable CCs available to the full range, 0-127.
  • Config App or higher required
  • Manual will be updated soon.


  • Fixed LFO Sync timing.

Everything available at Support - intellijel


Thanks for keeping these products up to date. I recall that, when doing prior updates to the MIDI 1U, the updates also blasted out the module’s settings and I had to reconfigure everything, which was laborious. Is there a way to prevent this?

We almost always keep the settings when there is a new firmware, i’m not aware of any bugs in the MIDI 1U firmware where the settings would wipe out.

Regardless, the MIDI 1U config can be exported and imported via the Intellijel Config App.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try.