Metropolix Track Offset

I wonder if it’s possible to offset track 1 from track 2? To nudge the gates either later or earlier than the other track? Tried to find in the manual but could not find any track offsets, only stage offsets.

Do you mean by a fraction of a clock pulse? e.g. in terms of ms?

I would love it to be divisions of a clock, down to a very short difference between the two tracks. I would love to play around with a second track, make the gate strike earlier and with a slow attack on a second oscillator to the first track to build new interesting volume and timbres between the two tracks playing the same notes, but slightly offset from one another.

It would probably be cool to bring the track offset around the full length of the track to introduce interesting counterpoints between the two tracks if you use two oscillators.

I had previously mentioned millisecond delays as a possibility - I like the idea of moving the two tracks in and out of phase with each other.

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What about…

  1. Sending gate 1’s trigger output to a delay envelope (e.g. Mutable Instrument’s Stages red segment followed by a red looping segment), or
  2. Slewing gate 1 to delay whatever you are triggering?

Sounds like a nice feature request though (:

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