Metropolix Track Length Max Stages

On my Metropolis I could set the track length in stages to up to 64. But on the Metropolix it only goes up to 8. Is there a reason for this?

I used wrap around and repeat the first couple of stages before looping. Super cool.

You can press the encoder and go from ‘Auto’ to what ever number you want it to reset after.

Thanks for your reply. It sound like you are talking about pulses. Number of stages won’t go above 8 for me regardless of what I do with the encoder.

Press TRK1 button
Press LEN
Turn encoder. It will go from 1 to 8, and there is no auto.

Press encoder.
It switches to pulses.
Length in pulses goes up to 64 or auto

Ah yes I see now. I was thinking there could be no more stages then 8 since there is only 8 stages to use. But it would for sure be cool if the reset would happen after a set amount of stages regardless of how many pulses the stages has to get there.

The methodology is different on Metropolix, and allows for more control.
Number of Stages is how many Stages are available to the sequencer.
Number of Pulses is the same as Length on the Original Metropolis in Fixed Mode. When Metropolis was in Fixed Mode, the Length referred to pulses.

Update: I had to plug in my old Metropolis to verify. You are correct, you could set stages beyond 8, the configuration here is different. I will add a wish list item for the old behaviour, but I’m not sure we would reimplement.

Hope that helps!

Thanks slowwild for putting that on the wishlist! I would be pretty happy if that old behaviour was back. It had a really cool feel to it.