Metropolix - Scale Copy?

USER SCALE setting in Metropolix seems to be annoying.
Is there any way to instantly copy the SCALE you like to USER SCALE?

Do you mean, duplicate a scale? You can set up user scales and they will be saved in their respective bank/slot. you only have to do that once. if you want fast access to a user scales, or any scale for that matter, you can save them as a user shortcut. with a scale selected, hold the scale button and long press one of the stage buttons. should be illuminated in white. The manual is your friend. check page 53

There is not a way to copy a scale, the UI on that screen is pretty loaded with clicks and holds. We considered it, but ultimately felt, it was pretty quick just to enter the notes into each slot manually.

I will practice to use the rotary encoder quickly. Thank you!