Metropolix + Rings

Hi all, this is likely a very basic question, but I’m wondering what’s the most expressive way to pair Metropolix and MI Rings. I’m running into the following issue:

When sending Pitch from Metropolix into V/Oct on Rings, and nothing else patched, I get a sound from Rings anytime there’s a new pitch value sent, but not if there are o stages with the same pitch value. To get around this, I tried patching the corresponding Gate out from Metropolix into the Input jack on Rings, thinking this would trigger Rings appropriately. The issue I’m running into is that with this patch, Rings sounds like it’s being triggered twice: once from the V/Oct input and once from the Input input. I can get rid of this effect by shortening the gate length on Metropolix to a tiny percentage, but this chokes the sound of Rings and does not sound very expressive. And it means I can’t lengthen the gates in a musical way without getting a double/flammed hit.

I’m assuming there’s a better way to patch this, any ideas? I tried sending Metropolix’s gate out into the Strum input of Rings but this didn’t work either. Any help is appreciated!

If you do Gate into Strum and Pitch into V/Oct, you should get what I think you’re wanting (similar to Pitch only, but with re-triggers for notes of the same pitch). Try another audio source into the In jack on Rings for a different effect - this disables the internal exciter and makes Rings into a resonator for an external source.

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Sorry for the delay, I thought I tried this already but apparently hadn’t because it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help!

So you know for future reference, when nothing is patched into the strum input, Rings only re-strums a note if it’s different than the previous note. It’s a great feature but can be confusing if you aren’t aware of that behavior.