Metropolix Question - How to send CV from A / B


Could someone please help me out by letting me know how I can send CV from the A / B outputs without using a mod lane that is also sending modulation to TRK1 and TRK2? So, how to use an independent mod lane to send CV but not also sending that to one of the tracks.

I’m sure I stumbled on something but can’t remember how to do it.


You just have to select an unused MOD lane on the CV A/B page. It’s covered on page 124 of the manual. I’ll copy/paste it below.

Assigning a MOD Lane to an OUT Jack
Each MOD Lane can have its own destination. You can send a MOD Lane to an output jack, or to
an Internal parameter (as described in Assigning a MOD Lane to an Internal Parameter).
To assign a MOD Lane to one of Metropolix’ two output jacks, select ‘Mod’ as the OUTPUT
source in either the OUT A or OUT B assignment screen, discussed earlier in OUT A & B.

  1. Press the ALT button followed by the A (Stage 3) button to open the OUT A Assignment
    Screen (or the B (Stage 4) button to open the OUT B Assignment Screen).
  2. Turn the encoder to select ‘Mod’ as the output source for OUTPUT , then press the encoder
    to confirm your choice.
    A MOD Lane is now selected as the output jack’s source.
  3. Press the encoder again to highlight the OUTPUT ASSIGN parameter, and select it for editing.
  4. Turn the encoder to select which MOD Lane (1 - 8 ) you want sent to the output jack, then press
    the encoder to confirm your MOD Lane choice.

A key missing feature is the ability to edit this mod cv in semitone increments. We currently only have the option to edit “targetless” mod cv in percentages. I posted a query/request a few weeks ago, but I’m happy to mention it again.

Hello, thanks for the response. I know it must be tough when you have created a comprehensive manual and are still getting questions.

I’m not sure that this really gives me what I was asking about. If I do this, the mod lane is still modulating track 1 or 2, right?

Can I configure it so that it purely sending CV out of the A / B outputs, without affecting either track 1 or 2?

Ignore my last post - I get it now - you don’t need to assign a parameter to the mod lane, just assign the mod lane to the out, then it won’t affect the track.

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Hi. How can I send the same pitch CV from the A/B as one of the tracks that is currently playing, i.e what would happen if I used a buffered mult. This does not seem to be an available option, and I am all out of space, so no available mult. Thanks in advance.