Metropolix pitch probability?


I just installed metropolix 1.3.2. nice screen improvemnt from metropolis… pfew what a relief to see more infos on the screen

anyway. I’m trying the probability but didn’t realise it would only be pulse / count. It seemed to me so obvious pitch / octav probability was important that I didn’t look at it deeper…
did I miss this in a menu ? Is it planned as an update ?

Personally, I really don’t think that the Metropolix needs pitch probability - there are so many ways to generate unexpected / complex pitch modulation using the device and if you’re really set on randomising aspects of the device, you can always use one of the external inputs driven by another randomising source.

yeah ? mmm you could say the same with generating pulse count no ? still there’s randomisation here. I say… why not adding randomisation everywhere really :slight_smile: Use it or leave it :wink:
I’m very new to metropolix so it might be that I’m wrong and there’s better workaround then adding submenus of probability… still.

Give it a try for a while and you’ll see there’s many ways to get unpredictable pitch variations without there being a full-on random option.

One way is to have a mod lane dedicated to modulating pitch and then set the play order of the mod lane to random…

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thx for the tip :+1: