Metropolix patterns past 8 steps - Update Idea

Hey there,

I was wondering if it is possible to create an easier way to make sequences with more than 8 steps. For example, having a sequence that is 16 steps long in 4/4 without losing the ability to play 16ths or the ability to have control over every pitch (I’m aware this can be done with ratchets, but pitch control isn’t possible). I find the current way of doing so kinda of clunky, by having to create presets and chains. Some ideas I had to accomplish this are;

  • Could incorporate a multiple page pattern functionality similar to how an elektron sequencer works for example. This way you could create 9+ step patterns with control over every pitch, using the sliders, and without having to link chains. I just find the linking chains option tedious when you want to edit a note on one of the presets. Having to disable chain, load preset, edit preset, save preset, then enable chain gets kind of annoying and you can’t hear how the changes affect the overall chain in real time.

  • Could make it so that the notes for ratchets can be edited

  • Or even if you could edit presets in real time with a “write” option, so that you could edit a preset in the chain without having to disable the chain then load preset, edit, and save. This would overwrite the current preset. The 8 LEDs on the bottom go blank when a chain is playing, so those could be used to display the chain sequence, then by picking an LED corresponding to a preset in the chain, you could enter write mode and change things on the fly. This editing option would of course need an on/off functionality so that you don’t ruin your presets by accident.

Just some thoughts I had. Sorry if this has been brought up before, I’m new here. I’m not sure if this is even possible with how the metropolix is designed from a hardware standpoint, but if it’s doable, I think it would be a great update!