Metropolix pattern Morph

Hey there.

I LOVE the Metropolix. It is such a powerful happy accident machine and I’m having a ton of fun with it.

I’m wondering if it would be possible to build a morph feature into it?

By this I mean:

When switching between saved presets, the Metropolix would interpolate the notes (following the scale) and transition seamlessly over the course of x bars. Perhaps the UI could prompt how many bars to morph over when loading a new preset and the ALT button?

It would also interpolate between the currently running sequence’s pulses and the upcoming sequence to seamlessly (as possible) morph between them. Perhaps there could be options for how quickly it does this, similar to easing functions for visual components in UI programming. So you could have an exponential transition, or linear, or s-curve (resulting in a bit of dead space or quieter time in the middle of the transition).

From a code perspective, I realize that this might not be possible as it would mean effectively firing up two sequencers and running them in parallel while also morphing between them.

This feature would make transitions in live sets super smooth and easy to orchestrate.