Metropolix Live Stream — 13:00 PST, October 1, 2021

Hey Y’all!

We are planning to do a Metropolix live stream on Friday October 1st, at 13:00 PST! This will be in the vein of our Tête and Quadrax streams, but with more focus on specific areas or ideas in the module, rather than a tour every feature.

We really want to know what you like to see covered!
Any specific requests? Questions? Clarifications?
Post them all below, we’ll review this thread before we go live.

We’ll stream with a simple 104hp Palette case; Something simple with some external modulation available (Quadrax) and a couple of voices (Atlantis + Plonk).

If you missed them, you can also catch these other great videos by mylar melodies and Loopop, all wrapped up in our Metropolix playlist.

Here’s the live stream link for your bookmarks (do people still use bookmarks?)


Maybe go over the preset chaining?


Yeah, a wrap-up about how to create a track base would be nice

Happy to cover Preset Chains :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate? I’m not sure what you mean by “track base”.


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Would love to hear about your take on how to achieve tempo variance in a non-swing way!

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So many potential ways to do that, agree it would be an interesting topic!

A month ago I spent some time researching tips for composing rhythm on Metropolix, and came across Ihor’s excellent video with some pointers. Some more depth here would be great!

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Maybe some music theory stuff such as musical applications of ROOT, SCALE, PITCH POST modulation. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it. Racheting control is still a little fuzzy for me, as is preset chaining. I’m getting a handle on the Accum now. Some menus seem difficult at first, then need to remember the second press to get deeper, etc. Mostly learning stuff. I’d also like to set-up A/B outs as a Patch/Setting selector, for those modules that support it (Tempi, Rene, Stillson Hammer, etc) - so that selecting a Metro preset selects the right preset for the other modules,etc. best, Tom

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I would love to see an example of creating a two-track sequence without any menu diving…that would be inspiring! :swimming_woman:


would definitely like to see how the people who created the Metropolix envisage working with the Scales button. It’s a very powerful feature - I find myself ignoring all the presets and just muting pitches until I find something that works - but looking at all of those presets makes me wonder if I’m missing how its intended to be used…

Update — Some great questions so far! We’re waiting on some new lav mics to arrive so we can test a new setup with multiple people on the stream. They should have showed up on Friday, but are late. As soon as we know we are good to go, we’ll post the date.

Keep those questions coming!



Date: October 1, 2021
Time: 13:00 PST


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More on Mod Lanes, please! a) Seeing Mod lanes in action with editing, performance, and workflow tips/tricks, b) Sharing some of the design process and intentions that went into Mod lanes, and c) Showing off some of the unintended and surprising uses of Mod lanes discovered by Intellijel peeps (IIRC y’all have been using it in your own music longer than we have. :slight_smile:) Thanks!

See ya all tomorrow!


Great live feed guys! I’m going to have to watch it a couple more times :grin:


Thanks! I will add Chapter Markers this weekend. :slight_smile:

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