Metropolix, how to shift CV out up 2 octaves

I’m trying to figure out a way to shift CV out up 2 octaves permanently. I’m trying to use an oscillator that only accepts positive pitch cv.

One thing might beto set the track transpose to 12 semitones. That’s one octave already if i’m not mistaken?

However, to have perfect range, i need to have two octaves (2V) offset

I can do this with an adder or transposer module, but in this rig, which is a small case for jamming, i do not have space for such a module.

If anyone knows a good trick, let me know!

So, i found a way, by using one of the aux inputs routed to octaves.

I’d like to make a simple but useful feature request:

As yet i need a voltage source to do the transposition

could a third option be included in the aux input settings menu:

source: external/ internal 2V / internal 5V

setting it to internal would make the pot behave as if a fixed voltage is being input, making the pot behave as one of the two bigger input knobs.

In the Track Settings (ALT+Track) you can set a Transpose offset of 24 semitones, that will give you a 2 volt offset.

An External option would be to use an offset module or adder to add 2v to the pitch output, then you could keep the +/-5V max range of the Metropolix output.

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O, great, i somehow assumed the transpose in the settings was only one octave

Out of curiosity, what oscillator are you using?

Piston Honda MKIII dual wavetable oscillator, pretty badass combo with Metropolix, automating wavetables and morphing presets in realtime while the sequence is running, pretty awesome :slight_smile: