Metropolix, How to save the following shortcuts?


If you press and hold ORDER and press a stage button (1-8) you save a shortcut as you wish.

But this way of saving your presets does NOT work for saving shortcuts for: LEN, DIV, SWING, GATE.

Can some-one please tell me how I can save this?

I want to realtime alter the Clock Divison by using the shortcuts f.e.


I think Order and Scales are the only ones that are customizable because they have more options to choose from, and the assignment to a slot would be more arbitrary. With Length, Div, Swing, and Gate the stage buttons provide shortcuts as increment jumps from smallest to largest values.

Ah, I really hope this will be possible with the coming OS updates. It was possible on the Metropolis so maybe you can code it in the X too:)

Thanks again Scott!