Metropolix -How to lock bpm from an External clock source

Hey I’m having trouble finding a way to lock bpm when using an external clock.

The bpm seems to change dynamically as if lagging behind then catching back up.
Is there a way to lock it in place? I’m only finding a solution for this with the Metropolis unit


impossible to comment unless you give more details of your set up and how you’re providing the clock. Are there other devices that you’re also clocking with the same source? What is the range of your clock changing ± how many bpm? Does your Metropolis behave differently. Maybe make a video that demonstrates the differnt device behaviours.

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It is possible to comment in one sense - the functionality the OP is referring to i.e. pressing the BPM button a second time to ‘lock’ the BPM doesn’t exist in the Metropolix, only in the Metropolis.

As for why they are not getting a stable clock - as you say, need a bit more detail.

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Thanks for your replies! :slight_smile: Here is a video showing the behaviour Metropolix / uMidi BPM behaviour during external clock - YouTube

The range is around 3 bpm, the devices im clocking are the Metropolix and an Intellijel Atlantis, taking clock and reset from Ableton / Intellijel uMidi
I tried using a Hydra synth to clock the Metropolix instead of the uMidi / Ableton, an LFO from a Mother 32 and the results were the same :frowning: