Metropolix - how to initially trigger on the offbeat?


Is there any way to start the Metropolix on the offbeat of a bar?

I’d like to have the first stage trigger on the 3rd pulse of an incoming clock, so that it triggers on the offbeat (I have 16 pulses per 4 beat bar).

Are there any settings on Metropolix directly to do this, or is it a case of delaying the pulse before it arrives?

You could setup your sequence so that the first trigger is not on the first step. But you probably want to delay the start of the incoming clock by 3 pulses. I will add a wish list item for “delayed start”.

You could probably patch something clever with an Envelope into an Aux Channel assigned to Mute on the tracks, where the envelope is tuned to the length of 3 pulses, and it’s triggered with the run/reset signal at the start of your sequence. In this case, it would mute the sequencer for 3 pulses, before just looping normally, and on every reset/restart, you would retrigger the Mute envelope.

Thanks, if that could be added to the feature backlog for investigation that would be great.

Right now I can live with the workaround of muting and delaying the first stage.