Metropolix feature request : ratio probability


(first, sorry for my bad english, I hope this will be understandable)

I don’t know if someone requested it yet (I tried to use the search function but didn’t find anything), but it would be awesome to have some ratio probability (or conditional probability if you prefer) like 1/8, 1⁄7, 1⁄6, 1⁄5, 1⁄4, 1⁄3,1⁄2, 2⁄3, 3⁄4, 7⁄8.

To be clear, 1/2, for exemple, is not the same as using 50% probability cause there, you are sure that the gate will occur every two steps.

It would introduce some certainty in the probability section, and it’s very nice in conjunction with ratchet (if probability is set to occur on every step and not stage of course).

Finally, the cherry on the cake would be the possibility to route the “reset” (or not) to the probability. That way, when a reset occurs, the probability count resets too, so it will then ignore the previous state to decide if the the step (or stage) will be active or not.

I really hope this will get implemented in the future, it would be absolutely perfect that way :slight_smile: