Metropolix Feature Request: Accumulate Pulses

The title mostly covers it, but it would be great if there were a way to “accumulate” pulses on a given stage both instead of and in addition to accumulating pitch changes. That is, I’d like to configure a pulse accumulator that adds (or removes) a pulse each time a stage is triggered, within some limit.

Basically the same idea as the pitch accumulator, but for pulses.

That’s an interesting idea! As it is now, you can at least assign a mod lane or the AUX In/CTRL knobs to Pulse Count to change the number of pulses, but to do it on a single stage it might be a bit tricky. I imagine you could set it up with Gx set to Stage Number opening a VCA on that stage that sent your pulse count modulation to an Aux input. There’s probably a more simple way that hasn’t occurred to me yet.

Regarding automation this is no further help, sorry.

This made me realize how much more the pulse switches lend themselves to manual accumulation jams than the pitch sliders. Ultra simple, fun, rugged, precise. If there could only be one accumulator with the available buttons / UI real estate, Pitch was a solid choice.