Metropolix CTRL Knob Attenuation

I think this is a feature request as I’m not immediately seeing anything in the manual, but it’d be great if we could attenuate / set a range for the values of the CTRL knobs.

I’m not a very delicate knob twister and thus have a hard time dialing in smaller modulations with the CTRL knobs while playing live.

For example, if “Octave” is the selected destination, the full knob range hits a lot of octaves! It’d be great if I could set the knob range from -1 to +2 octaves.

I realize that I could use an external voltage with X,Y,Z inputs and attenuate via the attenuation knobs but I think it’d be nice if this functionality existed with the CTRL knobs as well :slight_smile:

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Not sure how likely we would be to do this one, but I will add it to the wishlist :slight_smile:

As you say, AUX has the attenuators, you can pair with an offset module (Quadratt, Triatt, Duatt etc) to get the same effect. Then use Ctrl for some of the Toggle or Tristate type destinations.

Thanks for submitting!