Metropolix as external quantizer

Hello all!

Straight to the question:

Is it possible to take an external signal at input X, Y or Z, have the Metropolix pitch quantize it, and send it back out again through A or B (not “to tracks”), thus effectively using the Metropolix as a note/pitch quantizer without sacrificing one of the track outputs?

Thanks in advance

I haven’t confirmed this but I think the one (only?) way one could use the Metropolix A/B outputs as quantizers would be through the Root parameter. It is the only A/B CV output parameter I see (and use) that outputs in the 1v/Oct format.

WIth that assigned to A or B you could then modulate the Root parameter from the X, Y, or Z inputs. This should give you quantized versions of the input voltage with one major caveat: the output values will only span one octave.

The Track Outputs should also be affected by this, which may or may not be what you want.

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Ooh, itneresting idea!

I will try it out, thank you!

While you’re here (if you don’t mind) is there a way to use the attenuverters as a simple “thru”? I have a small hp system for the Metropolix and the possibility to use the outs as simple “thru” (so incoming signal could be attenuverted from the inputs through the outputs, without going into any parameter on the Metropolix itself) attenuverters would really of help with the system by dispensing with an attenuation-capable module.


Just tried it, works! But, of course, chromatic mode only. But interesting nonetheless. Which Intellijel could implement this feature (+ simple through attenuation/verting).

Thank you for helping!