Metropolix and Gx

Someone on Modwiggler gave me the solution : Shifty in « Manual/Sequential Switch Mode » + sample&hold activated. And that’s all, works like a charm.
Didn’t know this Manual/Sequential Switch Mode. You lose the capability to reset Shifty, as the reset input is used to switch in this mode.

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Yeah, I saw that! I’m glad someone was able to help, because I sure wasn’t, haha.

I also might be misunderstanding this. But it sounds like you either need to shorten the gates from gx, or delay the gates from either gx or metropolix. Maths will do that for you if you have one,

I’m not sure if this works also but does attenuating a gate signal shorten it? I would assume so but I’ve never tried.

Either way. Sounds like you have a solution.

I’m intrigued though! as I love using metropolix with shifty, what were you sending gates to from gx that weren’t in sync? The patch sounds cool.

I’ve been playing with using one channel of pitch sequencing for non-pitch voltage control and having a lot of fun. One issue though is that if I want to use pitch quantization on the 2nd channel, it kinda messes up my voltages coming out of the first channel. Would it be possible to get separate scale control per track? Or maybe just a simple per-track menu option in the alt menu to disable pitch quantization?(maybe this is actually possible already?)

There a couple of A/B out options that you might not be aware of: “Slider (0-5V)” and “Slider (Range)” (page 110 of the 1.4 manual). If you’re specifically hoping to use the track out this doesn’t help, of course…

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Ah, I was unaware of those options. I’d end up losing my cv modulation out in that case though, which definitely isn’t ideal. Would love to have those same options as track settings for the main pitch outputs!

I thought it could be useful to be able to modulate individual mod lane’s ORDER, LEN and DIV parameters

Read and listened to Intellij-all…
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Is there a way to setup gx that mimics the gates coming from the gate output but per stage?

I can only get gx to output a single gate pulse when it gets to the output for its relevant stage, even if the stage has more than 1 pulse.


That would be a great feature request.

yes please. GX triggers independent mode !
Also CV outs A & B independent mode !