Metropolix and Gx

He upgraded from cardboard to wood! :grinning:an absolute legend!


Hello! Love my metropolix.

Is it normal for it to have a long warm up time for tuning stability? I find it takes 30+ minutes to settle and read the correct voltages. My other DAC based modules are generally good to go straight away.

I would also love to see an expanded tuning calibration in the future. Rather than tuning a single 1Voct, perhaps expand that to 5 or so, so that tuning across octaves is better balanced?


EDIT: Tested the warm up time today, currently at 30 mins and still stabilising

Just to elaborate on this - I went through the support email and spoke with Jesse, after showing them time stamped photos of the pitch output voltage changing over time, they agreed it was not normal and so I am arranging a replacement through my retailer. Thanks for the assistance Jesse!

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Hi everyone, sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but I’m having issues with preset chaining. If I have a preset chain running and looping for a while, maybe 5 to 10 minutes, it starts acting up. It appears to suddenly think all the presets in my chain are the same as the first preset. The reason I believe this is what’s happening is because I went to check out my presets by loading them individually after I discovered the problem and they all sounded the same…??? Below is a link to a video of the problem You can hear that suddenly there are hiccups with the transitions too:

Resetting fixes it. I’ve had similar problems transitioning between presets before 1.3 and Intellijel told me to wait and see if it’s fixed with 1.3. I’m left to conclude either 1. it’s a problem with every unit and I’m the only one making noise about it, or 2. It’s only my unit and I need to send it back to them.

Is anyone else using presets extensively like me and having similar trouble? Up until now I have been feeling completely alone on this and, frankly, quite bad about it. This is such a great sequencer and the presets have been driving me nuts! :frowning:

Have not tried preset chaining yet, but when manually loading them I’ve been having some issues where Metropolix will not load presets (the melody does not change), although the screen says it loaded. The only fix has been to reboot.
I’ve had these issues in two seperate Metropolixes, each in their own and different case/powersupply.

It has happened sporadically;
Sometimes I’ve played presets just fine.
Sometimes starts failing after a while.
Sometimes it fails on the first attempt to load.

Sorry for the incomplete report, but unfortunately I have not been able to make it reproduceable…

That was one of the problems I was having pre-1.3. After a while, it seemed to confuse the saving location of presets, and restarting fixed it.

Can you both provide your Preset Settings (Setup > Preset Settings) and anything else that can help his track it down?

I don’t doubt there is a bug, I just haven’t been able to recreate the issues.

(Thanks for the clear video, it helped too see how it was supposed to sound vs when it wasn’t working.)


Will be happy to do so Sunday night when I’m back with my gear :slight_smile:

My preset setup settings:

Queue Pulses : 32
Queue & Loopy: Load
Pitch Load: Jump
Switch Load: Jump
Ctrl Load: Off
AuxLoad: Off

Right now I can’t think of much else to provide, but i’ll try to be more aware of the scenario next time.


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Thanks, any little bit helps. I was able to recreate the issue myself Friday afternoon! It took about an hour of playing the same chain before anything funky happened.

I’ll hook it up to the debugger next week and get to the bottom of it.


Hi! I love my Metropolix and the updates are amazing: thank you for making this better and better! :raised_hands:

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to modulate the probability of ratchets; so far I haven’t found anything in the manual. I have used the ratchet count modulation (all steps increase/decrease uniformly, cool!), but what I’m looking for is whether there is a way to control whether the set ratchet count happens at all without adjusting the count. Most useful would be per-step ratchet probability, but even a track-wide ratchet probability would be cool.

Is something like that possible and I’ve missed it in the manual, or not possible yet?

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That’s cool. Could what you are describing be implemented as a third mode attached to the encoder (Stage/ Pulse/ (Ratch)) in the PROB editing screen? With the programmed gate probabilities affecting from pulse=2 onwards (all together) of a stage’s ratchet count, while always playing the first pulse? When that pulse is played, would you want it at ratchet gate length, or stage gate length if you had a choice?

Wow, so many options! I really like the third PROB mode idea… I was just thinking of that probability as a dice-roll for the ratchet count, however you have them configured as far as stages/pulses/gate-stretching goes. That is, if I imagine I have 2 ratchets set for every stage, and have ratchet-prob set to 66%, then every stage would have a 66% chance of playing those two ratchets, with the die being rolled every time the configured ratchet count would play (e.g. per stage, per pulse, or whatever).

I like the control over ratchet gate length already available (so many great modes in there already!); wouldn’t mess with those… just would like way to e.g. have some random chance of triplet notes that I could ideally modulate.

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Queue Pulses: 32
Queue & Loopy: Wait
Pitch Load: Jump
Switch Load: Jump
Ctrl Load: Assigns
AuxLoad: Assigns

Clock: Internal
Clock Mode: Running
Reset Input: Reset

Total Pulses: -

Track 1:
Transpose -12
Slider Octaves: 2
Slider Dir. Normal
Pulse Ct Switch
Gate Type Switch
Gate Stretching On
Ratchets Mult
Rest Pitch Hold
Global Reset On

Trk 1 Red 1 and 2: 6 stages
Trk 1 Red 3: 5 stages
Trk 2 all: 8 stages
All clock div =1, Linear play order

Various pulse counts on stages for Trk 1
Track 2 using probability that is also modded by mod lane (nothing crazy)
Presets and chain as indicated in video

Thanks y’all, i’ll check it out this week

Hello! New to the forum; loving the performative inspiration Metropolix brings :octopus:

I have a wishlist request: using a Gx slot as a step sequencer, driven by an assigned mod lane.

When I read that “Gx is for gates/triggers”, a steppy-style step sequencer is the first thing that comes to mind.

Thank you!!


The capital “P”, Probability feature on Metropolix is the probability that the Gate will fire at the selected “level” (Stage/Pulse/Ratchet), It’s not assignable to another parameter. With that said, using Mod lanes with the Play Mode set to “Random” you can achieve this vibe, especially with negative Modulation.

Try this (You can apply this to almost any parameter) —
We’ll patch the Mod lanes so we get 50% chance that the configured Ratchets will happen.

Track 1 Setup

  1. On Track 1, set your Stage Ratchet to the value you would like then to have when they will be active.

Mod Lanes Setup

  1. Assign Mod Lane 1 to Ratchet on Track 1.
  2. On the first 4 Stages, set the Stage value to -7
  3. On the last 4 Stages, leave the setting at 0.
  4. On the ORDER screen, set the play order to Random.
  5. Done!

What’s happening?
When the Mod lane 1 is on one of the stages with -7 (Stage 1-4), the Ratchets setting will get pulled down by 7 ratchets, but the lowest value is “clamped” between 1 and 8. So any configured Ratchets will get pulled down back to a regular gate.


  • If you want to change the probability, you add or remove stages with a -7, and stages with a 0. (Stage 1-6 with -7 as a value means 25% probability).
  • You can get more nuance by only using lower values on the mod lane.
  • If you want less random from the Mod Lane, play with other Play Modes, Clock Divisions, Lengths, etc.
  • Sometimes a mismatched length (Mod Lanes vs Track) with a more standard play mode gives you a more predictable groove, while still feeling less robotic.

This has been requested earlier in the thread. While we may add something rudimentary in the future, the UI/GUI is a little too packed to add something comparable to Steppy. Assigning Individual outputs on Gx was also requested, but would require a much more complex GUI and internal handling.

Regardless, this stuff is on the Wishlist, and the good news is Steppy works great with Metropolix. :wink:

That… is brilliant. :astonished: :raised_hands:
Thanks for the walk-through, @slowwild … and for showing me yet again how deep the capabilities of Metropolix are. Awesome.


…so I guess the answer is currently “no”?

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