Metropolix accumulator bug? (-edit- it's not)

I had this struggle with the accumulator feature yesterday. It seems it does not reset properly? (Maybe it’s just user error, i’m having a hard time getting my head around the workflow of this thing)

I had my root set to C0, and an accumulator on the last stage doing 1 degree up. In ‘track’ mode, this means the next time the first stage (set to the lowest note, C) plays, it becomes D0

all normal, but from what i expect, pressing reset should set the first step back to C0.
And on my Metropolix, it does not! So i end up with a permanently transposed sequence.

Anyone care to confirm this behaviour?

Page 127 describes the 3 reset behaviours.

Maybe you can provide some more details on your settings, ensure you are on the latest firmware (1.4.1 at the time of this post). I’ve tested as you described and it works when Accum Reset is Auto or Manual, and i press the reset button to reset.

If you are using the Run Button, ensure it’s configured to be a Run/Stop rather than Run/Pause, or you will need to manually reset when you toggle run.

Okay, i tried it today, and now pressing ‘reset’ does reset the acumulator, so ithat was probably user error.

The reason i was so confused was that if you have accum set to track, and switch it to stage, all notes in the sequence transpose instantly, regardless if the stage with the accumulation is part of it.
The shift in degrees is remembered from the previous run with the accumulator and recalled.

This way i ended up with a sequence that was transposed, without any accumulator stages in it.

However when i try it now, reset does fix that. No idea why it didn’t yesterday, but as said most likely user error.

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