Metropolix 1.2 — The User Scales Update

Another Big Metropolix Update, check out the video for the Highlights—

Here’s the details—

  • New User Scales!
    • 100 User Scale slots: 10 Banks, 10 Presets per bank.
    • Modulate User Scales in a selected bank. Scale/Bank selection remains global, while modulation is per-track.
    • Scale Lock allows you to lock the sequencer to a scale, while you edit or browse others.
    • Locking a User Scale is called a Scale Mod Lock. It acts the same as a Scale Lock, but also allows you to modulate between scales in that bank with Ctrl, Aux or Mod Lanes.
    • The Root is saved separately with each user scale and is changed with the scale when modulating.
    • Adjusting Root now uses the ALT button on the Scale selection/editing screen.
  • Pitch Home screen updated to reflect live quantizer modulations, including: Root, Scale, Pitch Pre and Pitch Post.
  • New “Run on Boot: On|Off” option in the UI Setup menu.
  • New “Save and Exit” action on the save screen is the new default.
  • New Confirmation Dialog when overwriting an existing save.
  • New “Aux/Mod” option for the Reset param on the Accumulator to ignore any system resets.
  • Tweaked Probability to allow for 0%.
  • Fixed Acid Slide bug when using Probability. (Thanks Kri!)
  • Fixed Root control assignment, center is now 0 and offset is bipolar.
  • Fixed extra trigs that could happen in Tuner Mode when gates are set to Clock. (Thanks ohexoh!)
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Updated manual available at



That’s what’s up! BOOM!


Yes! Great update, thanks. This is definitely a good enough reason to break out the USB cable and get updating.


Very cool update. Please keep them coming !!