Metropolis Tuning - Bias and Width not changing Voltage

Bought this second hand and noticed not tracking v/Oct and generally unusable for melody. Found the instructions to adjust Bias and Width pots but see no change on voltmeter when trimming them (Root C, Octave range 3, Chromatic Scale). I get 1.26v with slider low and 1.87v with it high. They just don’t move at all. Any idea what I can try next? Reflash firmware maybe?

Best to contact support for help here, they can guide your through.

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Just out of curiosity, where did you find the instructions on using the trimmers?

Try reflashing the firmware, it could be using the wrong one for the hardware revision. There are two versions of the firmware in our firmware updater app, one for rev008 and earlier and one for rev009 and later. The only difference is how they treat the DAC output because a different part was used.

Hi @ScottMFR - I got it from this vid on YouTube…

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Ah cool! I didn’t know that existed. It’s a good walkthrough of the Metropolis PITCH calibration, so if you followed that you should be on the right track, unless of course there’s something wrong with your Metropolis or Voltmeter. Let us know how the reflash goes…

Reflashed firmware and same problem, though I think my original post readings were incorrect as likely was testing 2 octave ranges (didn’t save before reboot). So for 3 octaves with the slider set to lowest point I get 1.26v and highest point I get 2.93v - and still no v movement at all when turning Bias or Width pots. Previous owner said they had no issues at all, so I will have to take this on the chin - either they didn’t notice or I’ve been unlucky. Have support case open so am sending for repair - hopefully nothing too pricey as all other functions seem to be working fine. Thanks for the help.

And you’re sure the voltmeter is displaying the voltages correctly?