Metropolis Transposing

Hey guys

This might of been answered before, But is it possible to transpose octaves +/- on the metropolis.

Or does it have to be done thru the Aux and if so, how?



yes, you can choose one of three octaves outputs in the config section, you can also modulate octaves using one of the aux inputs.

Make sure you’ve calibrated your Aux inputs and you’re good to go!

The octave setting on the Metropolis is actually for the octave range of the sliders, not for the base octave.

heh, I just realized that myself last night. Thanks for the correction.

Another question… about using plog to transpose metropolis, as demonstrated here:

I can’t figure that one out… The plog toggle out (either out-t or out-d) is a gate signal, right? and the metropolis aux in accepts a cv signal… so how would that work to transpose a sequence? I feel like I’m missing something.

You can use a gate as a CV. It’s just a CV that alternates between two values, 0 or 5V. But by adjusting the attenuator on the Metropolis you can control how much of a transposition that step provides. It’s an easy way to double the length of your sequence if you use the SYNC out pulse to toggle the flip flop of the Plog. You’ll alternate between playing the sequence transposed or not. You can use this in many ways and create live variations by playing with the attenuator as well.


thanks so much! makes perfect sense. Keen to try this out!