Metropolis to midi

Has anyone successfully used a cv to midi module with the metropolis? It would be great to use it with other synths.

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Wouldn’t it be possible to connect the Metropolis over the PCB Header on the back to the 7u Case Midi Out?

There is a Feature listed in the Atlantis Description:

  • Header on back of PCB that allows it to be linked (normalled) to the Intellijel Metropolis sequencer

I just dont know which cable is the right. I own Metropolis and Atlantis but they came with power cables only.

No, it was not made for this purpose.

Could you make a small Module that translates the JP1 Header Voltages to Midi?

I’d really love to use Metropolis over Midi Out. Specially in the 7u Case, as there seems to be no other Module that can use the Midi Outs.

I know that the Doepfer A-192-2 does NOT work accurately with Metropolis. CV to midi is tricky.
There is a slight slew in the CV voltage change that comes out of Metropolis which means that when the Doepfer detects the gate, the correct voltage has not always been completely reached. I’m not talking about glide.
This happens in most Eurorack sequencers. You can get it to work if you delay the gate signal by a few milliseconds and re-quantise it in a midi sequencer.
If I need to take that route, I sometimes use EOR on a channel of Maths as a trigger delay.

I had been looking at the 192-2 but read that it wouldn’t work.