Metropolis still freezes ☹️

Hi all,

I bought my metropolis S/H - and always freezes randomly. Sometimes hours go by and it’s fine, sometimes it’s within seconds. I sent her back to Intellijel last year and they checked it out all fine. Latest firmware etc
I’m running it in a full Mantis case.

What else could be freezing it? Before it freezes the clock goes erratic. Does the Metroplis receive anything via the buss? Power looks fine on modular grid. Thanks for help.

Probably best if you contact

They’ll be able to look up your previous ticket for any relevant information, but the more details you can provide about your system and the patches you’re using, the better. If the Metropolis has been fully diagnosed with nothing wrong, then it’s likely caused by your power or another module. Metropolis does not use the CV bus on the power header. If you’re able to recreate the freeze occurring in a video and send an unlisted youtube video that would also be helpful.

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