Metropolis resets on 2?


i send a gate from pamela to reset my metropolis and euclidean circles.
but metropolis resets a step later on 2 why is that ?


ideas ? suggestion ?

What Reset Mode (rST) are you using? rST_F should reset immediately but rST_n will reset on the next one which could make it later. You could also try Reset Run (rST_r) mode but this would require a sustained gate while Pams is playing.

Thanks, that’s part of my problem. i didn’t realise there’s 36 reset mode and i was doing rST_r or rST_n
so now reset on 1 is accurate with gate in to RESET jack.
but when i press on reset button i rarely get the result i want.
is it normal that button is a bit “laggy” ? or could it be my unit is too old ?

The reset button follows the behavior of the selected reset mode. So if you’re in rST_F it will respond when you press and the clock is high. I find it tricky to get precise results with this although it’s fun to manually reset things to shake up a sequence.

Thanks… i’ll do another post about those buttons. i think on my unit the buttons are not responding well. i can see this when i try to save. Is it known that with old units buttons get a bit dirty ? is it something that can be clean ?
my mutamix has same buttons but they behave ok although always looked 1/2sec laggy but i get it’s the os (?) but still they always work. on the metropolis to use the load/save shortcuts i need to press several times sometime muting the step etc…

It’s possible that the buttons are just dirty, but there might be something more serious going on. If you remove the module from power and take off the faceplate you can try rubbing some isopropyl alcohol around the buttons to see if that unclogs things.

Might be best if you reach out to

ok thanks. Ican try that. Would the 70% alcohol we use for hands be enough ? or i need some 99% ?