Metropolis reset only on stop


Sorry if this is a noob question. But I’m using my metropolis as a master clock and reset. And I use a clock divider to a couple of channels on the rené .

Whenever the metropolis reaches the amount of stages set it seems to send a reset signal which screws with my other sequencers going on a divided clock. They’re not able to play the whole sequence. Is there any way of turning that reset signal off and only have it sending a reset on stop? Or just ignore stages somehow?

Thankful for any advice!


There’s two options for the SYNC output:
● SYn_F - The sync pulse rises on the first clock pulse of the first stage of the sequence.
● SYn_L - The sync pulse rises on the last clock pulse of the last stage of the sequence.

If it’s reseting your divided sequencers too soon, you would need to increase the number of stages.

A MIDI to CV converter like the µMIDI might be more appropriate. For example in Ableton you can set MIDI clock type to song, where it outputs a RESET at the start of the session, or Pattern to reset at the start of each loop.

Hi scott!

Thank you for your answer. I notice this when I ran the Metropolis on a high bpm and divided the Clock output by 2 and then divided that signal by 4. So the metropolis would play in 32nds, one sequence in 16ths and one in 4ths. The one playing in 4ths only reaches half the sequence before resetting. And I guess it doesn’t matter if I set the reset on the first stage or the last stage in this case? Because the sequence on the metropolis would have to go 4 full rounds, I.e 128 stages, for it to be complete. But I can only set 64 stages and therefor the other sequence will reset after a half sequence. Is there anyway to turn off stages? Or have some kind of infinite stage-setting?

Kinda hard to explain but do you understand my problem? Haha :slight_smile:

I want to keep everything within my system so I don’t use a computer.

Would you be able to use one of the divided sequencers to reset everything? Or would dividing the internal clock of Metropolis help?

If I divide the metropolis I don’t get the 32nds :frowning:

Maybe I can reset from the René but you have such a nice button layout on the metropolis, you wanna push them and use them haha!

Is there any reason to limit the metropolis to 64 stages? :slight_smile: