Metropolis random ratcheting feature request

Currently ratcheting is fixed at the value you select. But howsabout you allow for random ratcheting? If I select a step and start turning the dial, the first options are r1, r2, r3, r4 as today, but if I keep turning I get r1r, r2r, r3r, and r4r. Selecting one of those options ratchets the step randomly on a coin toss / 50%.

Be nice to have the additional variety.

Or what about making ratchet enable an Aux target? Then you’re not just limited to 50/50 but could sequence, randomise or whatever. Think Modular!

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Oh that’s a much better idea. Can we have that? Pretty please?

@kamil whaddaya think? Could we bring you chocolate? Would that help? Let us know your preferred bribe currency…

I’m curious to hear if anybody else finds this an interesting idea…haven’t seen much response, so maybe it’s just me? The suggestion from Johnsculpture to make it an Aux target seems particularly fun…