Metropolis question

Quite new to the modular world and now it´s time to get my first sequencer. Used to Yamaha RS7000, x0xb0x, FR-777 and mobius, I really like what I see in the metropolis - thanks mylarmelodies - but I´m missing the pattern structure a bit.

So I understand it´s very intuitive to build and change sequences, however, what´s the best approach to save something I found? Let´s say there is a good line and there are two or three variations of it which I want to use to build a song structure. I don´t see a metropolis mk2 in the queue that would offer that, so what´s the best approach if I want to:

  • use metropolis for intuitive pattern generation and variation finding
  • record/save patterns
  • not saving audio from the modular, but actual CV I can use with different patches or patch over to some other sound generator like neutron, monopoly etc.

My current idea is to abuse a PC plus expert sleepers CV in/out via ADAT, record what metropolis puts out and edit/playback. Of course editing is limited compared to playing live with metropolis, but that´s the price for saving things I guess?

Version 1.3 of the Metropolis firmware added the ability to save patterns using the 8 SLIDE/SKIP buttons. This was done after Mylar Melodies video so it’s not covered there. There’s a walkthrough of that and other features in this video:

If you wanted to save more than 8 patterns you could record the CV output into Ableton or some other sampler to use later.


I would forget about saving. When you load a sequence it will always use the current positions of the gate mode, pulse count, and pitch controls. Stay in the moment.