Metropolis problem with rST_n mode after stopped external clock?


I think I found a bug with the Intellijel Metropolis when using external clock, I was hoping someone here could help reproduce. Basically when in rST_n mode, the first pulse after stopping is sometimes ignored.


  • Put Metropolis in external clock mode, set all pulse counts to 4, set reset mode to rST_n, put in run mode.
  • Get another sequencer, have it output quarters (e.g. steps 1, 5, 9, 13 if 16 step pattern). Plug clock out from this sequencer to the Metropolis CLK input.

Repro steps:

  • Stop external sequencer. Both sequencers should be stopped now.
  • Send a 5V pulse to the RESET input jack of the metropolis, and reset the external sequencer.
  • Start the external sequencer.

Expected: Quarter notes play in time.
Observed: It seems the first clock pulse is sometimes missed, so the Metropolis is 1/16 late, more often than not, but not always.

The weird thing is, it seems to ONLY happen when in rST_n mode. If I set it to rST_F, it always syncs correctly:

  • Update external sequencer to play on (4, 8, 12, 16).
  • Send 5V to RESET input. You can hear the first step is immediately played. Reset the external sequencer.
  • Start the external sequencer.

Now, the first clock pulse is never missed, both sequencers play in tandem 100% of the time (or, at least I’ve never seen it miss).

I’ve tried this with 3 separate external sequencers (Stillson Hammer, Oberkorn, and Ableton/Micro Express/Mutable Yarns) and the behavior is the same. I’ve also never seen this particular behavior from any of those sequencers when in slaved mode.

Because it does not happen for rST_F mode, perhaps this could just be a firmware fix? I’m running the latest 1.36 right now.

Thanks for your help!

One extra note, after the first clock pulse, the sequencer never drops future pulses.

In other words, if it starts on the beat, it will stay on the beat. If it misses the first beat and is 1/16 late, it will stay that way forever.

So I do not believe it is just generally missing clock pulses (due to insufficient voltage, rising edge time, &c).