Metropolis PnG Mode. Turn off double end notes?

Can you make it so Metropolis does not repeat the start/end notes in Ping Pong PnG mode.
I’m sure mine never used to do this. Not sure why it’s doing it now.

Try Pendulum mode. That one doesn’t repeat the first and last notes.

Oh sorry, I read that too fast. Metropolix has both Ping Pong and Pendulum modes. Ping Pong will repeat the first and last steps because it plays through the sequence forwards, then plays through the sequence in reverse. This is the same on both Metropolis and Metropolix.

In mode I can only see Fwd Rev PnG and Brn (plus the -F versions) am I going crazy here? (V 1.36)

Sorry I wasn’t very clear in my clarification. Pendulum mode is only on Metropolix - not Metropolis.

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Depending on the patch, you might get ok results in PnG mode with start/end stages of half the length(?)

This suggestion is not going to identically recreate the Pendulum mode available on Metropolix. For example, gating would likely need further attention if you really were trying to mimic it.

Really I was just thinking it’s possible you remember it playing differently having used a workaround that sounds similar, rather than an on-board setting.