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Metropolis -- Pedal notes on repeats

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found any previous posts on this.

I have an idea for a Metropolis feature that I think would be musically interesting: pedal note mode. In this mode, if a stage is set to a pulse count of more than one, and gate mode is set to repeat, the repeated notes (i.e., the notes following the first pulse of that stage) are played at the root pitch.

Example: root = C, stage 1 pitch slider set to G, pulse count 3, gate mode repeat, would result in:

Metropolis’ standout feature for me is how much mileage it gets out of just eight stages, and this mode would only enhance that. You could, for instance, play:
G C C F C C E C D C C C C C C C (← click!)
… using only four stages, whereas it would currently require eight (to fill in all those Cs).

Melody notes separated by repeated pedal notes are a common musical technique (think Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, or AC/DC’s Thunderstruck). I would find this enormously useful.

The setting could live under the STEP/DIV button, with the STEP1…4 value duplicated to STEP1p, STEP2p etc. (i.e., same effect but in pedal note mode).

nifty idea. 1+

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Since Metropolis is a few years old now, are new features still on the table or is the module unlikely to receive any further updates? I’m totally happy with the way it works now, but if at all possible, the pedal notes thing would be a great extra.