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Metropolis Noise/Whine


Has anyone else experienced noise from their Metropolis throughout their system and fixed it?

I recently noticed it with mine and it’s audible anytime my eurorack case is connected to my mixer, even when the Metropolis is unpatched. The noise is in time with the Metropolis step LEDs and screen (it cuts in and out when the screen is on a menu that flashes it).

I’m using 4ms Row Power fwiw, and I get the noise even if the Metropolis is the only module powered up.


It is due to the ground impedance of the flying busboard. The 4ms power row and tiptop uzeus both manify this issue.

You could try moving the metropolis to the power connector closest to the power module. However I recommend getting a beefier power supply if you want to reduce noise in your system from all modules.



Thanks for the quick reply.

I tested the Metropolis connected directly to the row power via its ribbon cable (no flying buses involved), and no other modules. I connected the metropolis pitch output to my mixer, with the channel fader all the way down. The noise still came through. I tried it with 3 different mixers, headphones and monitors.

Would your 30w power board help alleviate it, even though the amps are similar to the row power, or would I have to step up to the 80w version?


I switched my monitors to balanced cables. Not sure why that also affected headphones but now the Metropolis is quiet.


Sounds like some kind of electrical grounding issue. These can plague a lot of studios and are often hard to diagnose and solve! Balanced cables for monitors is always a good idea too…


I have the Metropolis in one of the Intellijel 4U 104HP cases and also have this exact issue. Balanced cables throughout my system as well. From my understanding, it’s not something that can be totally alleviated, but if there’s something else to try, I’m all ears…


I’ve got this weird whine too on my sequencer … tried swapping between output modules (Rosie and Pico), checking that I had clean power (I do) tried different cables and power sources to no avail … not terrible mind you, but I wish quiet meant quiet …


I have the same issues with my Metropolis, among other issues. I’m using Intellijel’s TPS80W bus board and Mean Well 90-Watt PSU. Really a bummer. Basically, I can patch things in any order, but as soon as I introduce the Metropolis into the chain, the hiss begins.