Metropolis .. multiple questions


Just bought a metropolis second hand and… i don’t understand it’s behaviour.
os is 1.33 i’m waiting for the usb to update it but :

ROOT question
1- i put all sliders down, and i change root note : C, C°, D, D° etc… but then note i hear just change 1/2 up or back… i would expect it to go up 1/2 at each change. Wrong ?

2-then i put root C, scale major, OCT1 and adjust sliders to get 8 notes of the major scale. it works . Now if i change root note to C°… i would expect all to pitch 1/2tone up but i get : c# c# d# f f# g# b b

so is this normal and if yes… how do you transpose a sequence ? by changing pitch osc position?

DIV is not regular
thr DIV input. works well for DIV 1 to 10. at 11 it sounds like a swing…

RESET button is a not accurate
i can’t press reset button and get the result i want. i get a reset but never on the beat i want. i try to anticipate but it’s not easy/workin
if i use triger to RESET input it works fine.

tell me if all this is normal ?
just updated to 1.36 i see same things.

Some interesting questions I‘d love to know the answers to, too.

Regarding ROOT and SCALE, I have had the same questions since buying my used Metropolis. Doesn’t work like I expect it should: increase ROOT note should increase pitch across all 8 sliders, but does not. I only seem to have two variation for SCALE: major and minor, other scales don’t seem to have any (noticeable) effect.

I’ve done a lot of cool things even with these limitations, but it would actually be musical if it would follow key changes.


The root thing is a bit confusing. Basically it’s changing the Root note of the scale, but not transposing the sliders. I forget what the reasoning was for this, but I think it was something to do with keeping melodies more consistent.

If you want to perform more straightforward transpositions, you should use the P.PRE and PPost options on the Aux inputs. PPRE will transpose based on the aux input signal then quantize to the selected scale. PPost will transpose using the Aux In signal after scale quantization. PPRE will be more musical.

RST_N resets on the next clock pulse. This is good if you’ve stopped the sequence and you want to reset it to start in sync with everything else. RST_F resets if the reset signal is high at the same time as the clock signal. You might find that mode works better if you’re trying to trigger things on a beat.