Metropolis. Less steps with higher root (v1.30)

When for example I use a chromatic scale (OCT_1) I get all 12 steps when the ROOT is C. Except when the ROOT is B the notes are b1, b0, c1. (Slider low to high position)

If I use (OCT_3) the first octave is the same as described above. The 2nd and 3rd octave seems to be ok and stops at C3.
Other scales act the same. The first octave is always b1, b0,

Can you help me with this?


i have the same problem!
is there any solution?


i was about to post the same subject. I’m not a hardcore metropolis user. before i would just set random pitch with the scale i want but i would tune my oscillator to match my root note and never looked at the screen display. But in a bigger setup i would like to make sure transpositions through different gears are correct and for that i need the screen display.
now i realise that if i use the “root” note then in B minor for exemple my sliders will start at C ?
am i missing something ? It’'s much more intuitive to have root note at 0 and start from there :stuck_out_tongue: how are you guys doing with this ?