Metropolis internal clock not running

I’ve actually just sold my Metropolis, but the new owner can’t get internal clock to move the sequencer forward when pressing run. Works OK with external clock.

Can anyone think of any settings that could cause this behaviour? I wondered whether dividing internal clock to a high number could make it seem like it was taking ages.

Any other thoughts? I can’t test as don’t have a Metropolis now to try on! =)

He should probably contact

If he’s able to send a link to a video demonstrating the problem that would be helpful.

Thanks, done and I think it’s sorted now.

In case anyone searching with a similar problem finds this, it was about the clock and resets needing calibration.

The Mentat in me needs more data. You mean the RESET source needed calibration? Was it just sending a solid gate that was hanging Metropolis?

Glad it got sorted though!

I’m not entirely sure, but apparently support gave advice on “re-calibrating the clock modes + resets” and it worked.