Metropolis Feature Request: Aphex Scales

Intellijel staff,

I was hoping to request that the extracted Aphex Twin microtuning scales from here:

be added to the scale options of the Metropolis. I recently started playing with them on the Monologue and they seem like they would be a perfect fit for a sequencer such as the Metropolis, not to mention it would just be techno/acid as fuck which seems to be a chief objective of Intellijel products.

Guys plz :slight_smile:



This would be amazing

Probably not gonna happen, since Korg would have licensed those from Aphex Twin for the Monologue…

Microtuning and custom scales though, would be interesting.

Won’t happen on the Metropolis unfortunately, the hardware is too limited to implement microtuning. I’m definitely interested in exploring microtuning on future products though.